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Operating in decorative paneling, Artstone's main goal is to fulfill its responsibilities towards the environment and society by contributing to the country's economy and to reach a better point later on by ensuring customer expectations and satisfaction. Taking as a goal to keep the innovative services one step ahead by keeping track of new technologies constantly, our company has adopted presenting the newest and latest products in addition to the best as an important factor among its goals.

While achieving these goals, we take as a duty to;

  • Make an effort to understand the current and future customers' needs, meet customers' requirements and provide services above expectations,
  • Conform to national and international standards,
  • Ensure the efficiency of the quality management system and constant improvement of the system,
  • Always act in a constructive manner beyond fulfilling the contractual obligations towards our customers,
  • Lower the costs, increase efficiency and competitive capacity without making any concessions to its quality,
  • Maintain a workplace culture, where there is mutual trust and respect, each employee is feeling valuable and making an effort to carry out our quality mission,
  • Train young employees by giving priority to the principles of responsibility and honesty; ensure that they work as individuals that are self-confident, open to communication and ready to use given authorization and take responsibility.

As a brand bearing its responsibilities and competing against itself with the motto "A special attitude relating to quality, innovation and design should be adopted", the most important principle for Artstone is to not make do.