Environmental Innovation


More efficient and beneficial use of now more limited resources in production and consumption with environment and sustainability approaches describes an obligation beyond a preference. The results of production and consumption rates bring up the concepts of environment, sustainability and efficiency from supply to production, from consumption to recycling. Today, sustainability becomes a concept that involves not only processes between raw material input and product output, but also effects and efficiency of these processes. The most important duty in this environment and sustainability cycle from production to consumption falls to us, leaders of the sector.

Artstone knows and accepts the importance of reaching a world-standard performance related to protection of these 3 significant topics as an inseparable part of the corporate culture in every project. Staff is being encouraged to attend all training programs actively and provided with opportunities for all necessary trainings both at home and abroad to accomplish "zero problem" policy. Within the frame of this policy, high-quality is obtained constantly by using the latest technology of engineering and management sciences in TUV SUD ISO 9001 quality management system norms.

In addition to topics such as our modern understanding of design, capability to respond to technologic developments and 100% customer satisfaction, we have respect for the nature, which we are inspired by.

In all of its activities conducted with the conscious of having ISO 14001/01 environmental certificate, Artstone recognizes continuous improvement, efficient use of natural resources, full-compliance with laws and preventing pollution, reduction and sorting of the waste, which is generated during its activities, at source and recycling the waste as the foundation of its environmental policy.

As a company that is aware of the fact that sustainable growth, which is the main center of our activities, is only possible by maintaining sustainable environment and energy principles;

  • We are aiming at using natural resources efficiently, increasing recycling,
  • Paying attention to technologies that are eco-friendly and provide energy efficiency while forming all the processes beginning from designing,
  • Developing and implementing projects of energy efficiency that will affect climate change positively,
  • Purchasing products, services and technologies that provide energy efficiency, supporting high-performance designs,
  • Carrying out production activities by implementing Environmental and Energy Management Systems.


  • We undertake to respect legislations and other terms related to environment and energy,
  • To improve and develop environment and energy performance constantly,
  • To take necessary precautions to reduce or eliminate adverse environmental effects of our activities,
  • To go through the specified purposes and goals periodically, to create necessary resources to achieve this purposes and goals,
  • To increase the awareness and sensitivity by making business partners understand and adopt the policy.