• They are panel systems that are produced of 20% fiberglass, 70% ecological resin (isophtalic, low in stress, 1st class polyester) and 10% natural stone dust and prepared with special coloring techniques.
  • Artstone® has the precise texture & appearance of stone, concrete, brick and metal. It feels the same by touching.
  • It is not PVC, MDF or NATURAL STONE.
  • Artstone® panels is in "A2" class of non-flammability criteria (reaction of construction products to fire and fire resistance performance) in Euroclass TS EN 13501-1/Class A2 s1 d0. With reference to technical data, there is no deformation and deformation between -40 and +120 C degrees. Its thermal resistance is 800 0C. All product groups have "non-flammability feature" as a standard."
  • The weight of our panels per m² and their thickness vary depending on the model. While their weight vary between 6-10 kg/m², their thickness is between 7 mm and 12 mm, their depth range from 1 to 4 cm.
  • Panel dimensions differ according to the models, and you can find the dimensions on the page of the model you are interested in. Specified panel dimensions may differ by "± 1% cm".
  • Its sound insulation index is 40db. In terms of the sound level in a space, it insulates 100hz sound on average.
  • It provides ultraviolet protection and is not affected by harmful rays.
  • Its color does not fade. We are solution partners with "JOTUN", which is the world's leading brand in terms of paint quality and fastness guarantee.
  • It is not affected by water and humidity.
  • It has many alternatives in any natural stone, concrete, tile or brick, stone and oxide look.
  • It can be cut to the desired dimensions. It can be applied to any wall or ceiling surface using screws and dowels after its rough construction is completed.
  • It does not include any carcinogenic materials. It has been certified that it is not harmful to human health or environment.
  • Since original stone dust is used in production instead of synthetic paint, the color of panels might differ as it does in natural stone.
  • Due to its lightweight, it can be mounted on portable stands. It can be shaped due to its flexible structure. It can be applied to cylindrical spaces with 50 cm dimensions, which is the lower limit. (The lower limit varies depending on the type of product.)
  • It is suitable for exteriors.
  • Since a special mastic filling that contains stone dust is used on joints and junctions, panels have the pattern integrity, not pattern incoherence.
  • Each model has its own touch-up paints. During touch-up process, the pattern is applied on junction points and screws, then joint paint is applied and a solid look is acquired.