Architect / Co-founder of Midpoint

    Artstone, which gives the texture we look for on wall surfaces in the desired natural senses, takes place in all of our Midpoint Restaurant projects with its practical use of application. Offering options that are strong and withstand the test of time, Artstone has become our primary solution partner.


    M. Architect

    Interior and exterior surfaces creating limits are becoming more and more important. Surfaces presented by Artstone to designers offer many solid and permanent options in line with these purposes.


    M. Architect / Founder of Toner Architecture

    Artstone is one step ahead with its features such as practicality, lightness, easy application and predictability from start to finish. These are not the only features that make Artstone stand out. The company's interest during the project process, their accurateness on delivery time and their service quality also make Artstone preferable. It is easy to distinguish Artstone products when compared to its substitutes and copied products that are far from the natural look.



    The historical traces of the surface that Artstone contributes to the space remind that each frame might have different stories while becoming natural in light and shade, which are the main languages of photography. While I am building my projects, I prioritize the natural integrity by utilizing Artstone textures.


    Ağaoğlu Construction Group / Interior Decoration Manager

    Artstone can lead the installation of design with its wide range of products. When it finds its own level in the space it is used, it gives a long-lasting feast for those, who know how to look at it.


    KRN Architecture

    Appreciation of the designs when I use Artstone products is always positive. My designs remain in people's minds and make them wonder. The products appeal to all of our senses. All of them are like the twin sister of natural looks and structures. You cannot distinguish them from the natural ones. Products make a difference in the spaces applied, add value to them and make them special. Artstone provides me high-quality and fast service. I am planning to use their products in many of my projects.


    CÜNEYT ASAN / Co-founder of Günaydın Restaurant

    As the Günaydın Brand, since we are a leading brand in catering that closely follows world trends, our business partners' success and their changing and developing visions are really important to us. In this regard, we work with Artstone with inner peace for the decoration of all our branches. The natural stone and different model structures in Artstone's portfolio enable quick application in our spaces and makes it easy for us to make a visual difference. We thank Artstone for their work ethic, and for submitting the work completely that contributed to our fast branching.


    We always need business partners that makes life easier and adds quality to our work.
    If you know what you want and you work with a professional that is good at his job, it is inevitable that the result will be successful.
    After I met Artstone, I adapted the look I want to the space I live thanks to the model variety the brand offers and that it has the same impact as the natural stone.
    Thank you for your company's perspective on the job, that you delivered the product on time, you completed the application in the period you binded and for the technical support you gave after the completion.


    While planning Kemer Holiday Club, we wanted our guests to be in touch with nature and the sea to meet the green. While designing the interiors of our rooms, we tried to stick with this thought. Due to the natural look of its wall panels and that it can easily be applied, we preferred Artstone.


    Koray Yavuzer Architecture

    Artstone stands behind the quality of its products and its service. According to us, this is the most important feature that distinguishes Artstone from its competitors. In short, Artstone is our solution partner. We mostly decide on the products to use at the beginning of the project and get excellent results. In addition, we consider Artstone as a wildcard in terms of differentiating the existing spaces.