You can find answers to your questions about Artstone.

What is the material of your products?

They are panel systems that are produced of 20% fiberglass, 70% ecological resin (isophtalic, low in stress, 1st class polyester) and 10% natural stone dust and prepared with special coloring techniques.

What is the origin of your products?

"Artstone Decorative Wall Panels", which are all designed and produced in Turkey, is the brand that does not keep up with the fashion but creates the fashion with its own line and unique models.

Can you give information about the product's weight per m², its thickness and dimensions?

The weight of our panels per m² and their thickness vary depending on the model. While their weight vary between 6-10 kg/m², their thickness is between 7  and 12 mm, their depth range from 10 to 40 mm. Panel dimensions are ~130X300 cm. It takes approximately 4m² space.

Is it possible to use it for exteriors?

It has a "A2 Non-flammability Certificate" with its feature of being used in exterior spaces. It has a wide interval range in terms of heat resistance (-40/+80 degrees), resistance to water and humidity, minimum values of expansion and tensile. It certainly does not impose any additional burden to construction statics due to its lightweight, and has a fastness guarantee of façades up to 10 years, thanks to our solution partnership with the worlds leading brand "JOTUN". All these factors make way for our panels to be preferred especially for external façades.

Can you give information about its resistance to water, humidity and sun?

Our panels are not affected by water, humidity and sun due to the fact that they are fiberglass and a material that is not affected by water and humidity. With reference to technical data, there is no deformation between -40 and +80 C degrees. Its thermal resistance is 800 C.

Can you give information about its resistance?

Comparing to its substitute panels, its high impact resistance and optimum levels of elasticity and weight are the parameters that show the distinction of our panels in terms of their resistance.

Is it harmful to human health?

Our panels do not include any carcinogenic materials, it has been certified that it is not harmful to human health or environment.

Is it fire-resistant?

"A2 NON-FLAMMABILITY CERTIFICATE" is lately one of the most desired specifications for many projects. This specification is a standard in all of the Artstone panels. The fact that companies in composite covering sector with A2 Non-flammability certified products is very limited is a reason to prefer Artstone. According to EU regulations, our panels successfully passed the fire test Euroclass TS EN 13501-1 (Reaction of construction products to fire and fire resistance performance).

Does it have sound and insulation feature?

Although it is not a product that is produced as a 100% solution for sound and insulation, it helps the applied spaces for sound and insulation solutions. Its sound insulation index is 40db. In terms of the sound level in a space, it insulates 100hz sound on average.

Does it have a possibility to grow bacteria?

Comparing to natural stone, it does not have a possibility to grow bacteria.

What is the product's guarantee period?

The guarantee period of our panels is 15 years.

Is there a special care of the product?

Our products can be easily wiped due to their structure. It can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth and in exterior uses it can be easily washed. There is no need for an additional care such as polishing etc.

Is it elastic?

It can be shaped due to its flexible structure. It can be applied to cylindrical spaces with 50 cm dimensions, which is the lower limit. (The lower limit varies depending on the type of product.)

How is installation done?

Our panels are pinned on the space they will be applied to with "smart screw" or "nail pounding" methods. The installation is completed by closing joints and screw points with the help of certified "Mastic and Touch-up Paints". With the solution partnership of world's leading brand "HILTI", installation is performed with "smart screw" and "nail pounding" methods, without compromising on the quality of installation equipment. Use of certified consumables is another important factor that affects the installation quality. We are solution partners with "JOTUN", which is the world's leading brand in terms of paint quality and fastness guarantee. In addition to these information, you can take a look at the detailed installation stages on technical/videos section of our website.

Is there an installation guarantee?

Şirketimiz bünyesinde profesyonel montaj ekiplerimiz tarafından verilen uygulama hizmetimiz, 5 yıl montaj garantisi içermektedir. Panellerimizin montajında iki önemli nokta uygulama hizmetindeki kaliteyi etkilemektedir.

    Our application service provided by professional installation teams within our company includes 5-year installation guarantee. Two important points in our panels' installation affect the quality of application service. It is to pin the panel to the surface in a healthy and solid way. We have solution partnership with "HILTI" to get certain results in pinning. Touch-up paints used in joints of panels should not create any difference in shade and thus fade over time. As "Artstone®" we have solution partnership with "JOTUN" for this purpose.

Can we install the product by ourselves?

We have professional installation teams within our brand. Our panels can be sold "with application" or "without application", depending on the request. For our customers that do not get application surface from us, it is recommended that they definitely contact Artstone application/project department, since difficulty level of installation can change depending on the application area or the product. For our project based sales in Turkey and abroad, institutions that purchase the product can provide application training from our"Artstone-3A" concept academy to their own installation team candidates free of charge.

How long does it take to install?

Installation duration varies according to square measure of the surface to be applied, surface features and its shape (plain wall, column, ceiling etc.).

Can you specify their areas of use? For instance, is it possible to apply it to the ground?

It can be applied to any wall or ceiling surface after its rough construction is completed, including exterior façades. Besides, it is possible to apply it on construction. Taking photos of products or applying products on a floor surface etc. except the displaying areas might arise undesired results.

What is the deadline duration?

As a brand that works project-based and has a wide retail network, there is no stock problem of our products. Depending on the quantities of the product used in your project and application area, stock status should be checked definitely by our sales department.

Is it possible to dismount the product? Would we have any problems with carrying it to another area?

Since our panels are applied with screw installation method, it is possible to dismount them. In case that the product is transported from the applied space, only holes that are the size of screw heads will be visible. These areas could later be touched-up with mastic and paint applications.

Can you give some information on which surfaces it can be applied to?

It can be applied on any surface after plastering is completed. The only thing is that an additional carcass&construction etc. is necessary for application requests in special areas.

Is there a need for additional construction?

An additional carcass&construction etc. application is necessary only in special areas (damaged walls, fake columns, partition wall, unplastered brick, ytong areas etc.). Apart from these, you do not burden any additional construction cost since it is applied on any plastered surface.

Do you provide help in case that there is a damage or a need for an additional panel?

Our products have a 5-year installation guarantee in the event that it is performed by Artstone team. In such case, technical support is provided. In case of a need for additional panels, they can provide help when you contact our sales team.

Is there an odor during installation?

During installation, a special filling material, which is the raw material of the panel and contains stone dust, called installation mastic is used to cover the joints of panels. During application and freezing stages, this filling material can give off some amount of odor. Just like whitewash and oil paint, the odor will be gone soon after (3-7 days) the space is well-ventilated.

What is the pricing criteria? Plate or m2?

Pricing is based on per m² by measuring the size of your area's width and height. Your price offer is created by calculating the amount of plate necessary with regard to the relevant quantities. There are discount rates changing according to the scales of plate amount. Architectural discounts are applied. To get a price offer, you can send an e-mail to [1}{2] with the width and height of the area, the product you chose and your contact information. In 24 hours, we will get back to you via e-mail and our sales specialists will definitely get in touch with you.

Can we change the color after purchasing?

It is possible to change the color after purchasing. By using water-based paint, you can achieve the color tone you desire. If you like, you can have excusive coloring by contacting us and choosing the râl code you wish from our "JOTUN" catalog.

Do you have any coloring exclusive to a person or corporate?

Since we have a solution partnership with "JOTUN", you can get exclusive colors and patina methods done on specified m² of areas by choosing the color you wish from the râl catalog, which has more than 1000 color shades.

Do you have any other models apart from stone-structured models?

In addition to our panels with a natural stone look, we have a wide range of products with concrete and brick panel options besides the wood, bark, rock and oxidized looks.

Can you supply your products to outside İstanbul and abroad?

You can easily have access to our panels both at home and abroad. Its lightweight is a big advantage in terms of transportation.

If it is supplied, can we get installation service?

Installation services can be provided for any area both in Turkey and abroad. You can get application service directly from the relevant franchise for regions where our Franchises or Corners are available.

How do you understand the originality of "Artstone®" panels?

“Artstone®” panels are dispatched to the application area in closed packages. On these packages, there are holographic stamps with Artstone ID numbers on them. The back surface of all our panels inside the package is covered with craft paper that has the special Artstone logo on it.

What is its difference from its substitutes and copied products?

First off, there is a visual, physical and structural quality difference of our material To explain in list; Product know-how High-quality product with certified raw material use, (use of raw material with low solvent) Closeness to nature provided by color combinations with special inorganic pigments High resistance Certificates of compliance with international technical specifications. (TÜV, INTERTEK, ITU) Being in "non-flammability fire class" and holder of "A2 Non-flammability certificate, Solution partnership with world brands HILTI and JOTUN HILTI quality of equipment used in product installation Fastness guarantee up to minimum 5 yers with JOTUN quality in product paints When diversity is considered; different color combinations with 150 variations, special color service from Jotun Râl catalog in line with customer requests. Owner of TUV ISO 9001:2008,14001:2004,OHSAS 18001 certificates The best service thanks to our focality based on perfectionism in service quality and 100% customer satisfaction Company professionalism with analytical approaches given to the customer in any case With its constantly renovating structure, it reinforces its leadership in decorative panel sector by catching up with the current trends with new models.

What is its advantages comparing to the natural stone?
  • It can be dismounted and used in other areas again.
  • In proportion to natural stone's m² weight, it is 10 times lighter.
  • As it does not put additional construction statics, it is preferable especially against the earthquake risk.
  • You do not experience any fastness in color, mossing, humidity, chipping, crackages and any dirt such as rough construction occurring during installation, which can be seen in natural stone over time.
  • Comparing to natural stone, it is more practical to install an installation times are greatly reduced.
  • It is more rich in terms of product variety.
  • Models are unique and you carry the textures seen with naked eye to the area you are considering to apply in the same way.
  • It is possible to cover surfaces, whose application cannot be done with natural stone.
  • (Columns, vaults, cylindrical areas etc.)
What are the frequently used areas? (stores, houses etc.)

As you can take a look at section, it has a wide range of application that can be used in any part of Houses, Stores, Showrooms, Restaurants and Offices. Its project-based areas of use in Hotels, Spas and Malls are also very broad.

Where can we see the applications in real life?

You can see the applied state of our products in Turkey's leading restaurants, malls, stores and showrooms: While Midpoint, Nusret, Beymen Blender, Vakko, Bridgestone, Günaydın, Efes Pilsen Pub, Acıbadem Hospitals, Point Hotel, Tav Airport, Earth Café and Turkcell can be given as examples from different sectors, they are also the companies we frequently work with.

For our detailed references, you can visit

Can we hang any objects, TV etc. on it?

Such work can be done by drilling our product. Since installation of the panels is done on the relevant surface, supporting member here is not OUR PANELS but the WALL or SURFACE. Since it is a decorative material, it should be considered as a thin material between the object to be hung and the wall.

Does it need lighting? For what purpose do you recommend it?

As “Artstone®”, we see lighting systems as a complementary element that highlights naturalness and aesthetics of our products' structure. Since our products are three-dimensional, when it is lightened, you can gain a more attractive look by bringing out lightened and shady areas in accordance with the light angle. Spot lights, Led lights, Chandeliers and Wall lamps will be lighting elements that will provide you solution.

What is your account on social media? Do you have any special offers?

While you can reach us on social media through the links below, you can also find out about our special offers happening from time to time through these links.


Can I request catalogs and samples from you?

You can have access to our catalog, see our products and ask for the sample of a product you like by visiting our main showroom in İstanbul. If you do not reside in İstanbul, you can make a request for catalogs and samples by sending an e-mail to [1}{2]. If you wish, you can visit our website and download the e-catalog. Our samples are returnable. Your security deposit is returned after selling is completed for the relevant project.

Do you provide discovery services?

You can take a look at our panels' width and height from [1}{2] and calculate the amount of panel to purchase for your area of application. In this sense, there is no need for a discovery service. In case discovery is requested for project-based requests, information is given by our relevant department about surfaces and details to do application on and discovery is performed in necessary cases.

Do you give franchise about Selling and Application?

As "Artstone®", we have a network of "Corner and Franchise". To expand this network, our relevant department is evaluating "Corner and Franchise" request. You can send an e-mail to [1}{2] for your requests.

Do you provide architectural services for areas of use?

You can visit our gallery and references section on our website to view up to 1.000 visuals of application and more than 3000 reference lists. We also have a design team within our company. If you wish, you can contact our sales department, share image of the area you are considering to do an application on with them and have an exchange of ideas.

Can you give some information on the sequence of installation? (after floor is covered, after painting is done etc.)

For a healthy "panel installation", first the floor should be analyzed. It is preferred that there is no object mounting on the right or left façade of the area you are planning to do panel application. Besides, it is recommended that top-coat painting is done after the panel application, if the area is in a construction site or house. Since it is a decorative product, it is one of the last applications to be done in terms of action sequence.